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VIP FA Recruit

Established in 2014, VIP FA Recruit has grown to be a leading provider of high quality crew and associated staff into the VIP and Corporate aviation and related sectors. Finding the right candidates for your operation can be time consuming and can tie up your HR department unnecessarily ploughing through numerous applicants, not all of whom are suitable, qualified or meet your specific requirements.

This is where VIP FA Recruit comes in                      


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Our service model has been to develop a database of top candidates with relevant experience to meet the high demands of our clients.This comprehensive, and vast, database ensures wherever your need is, be it permanent or freelance crew, or executive staff, we can provide them with minimum delay and according to your demands. Speed of reaction is one of our core principles and our database search facilities are custom designed to shortlist the best candidates against clients’ specific needs. Add to this unsurpassed knowledge and experience of VIP and corporate flying and you have a partner who can provide all your recruitment needs to the standards you expect.

Jane Armstrong


Not just a recruitment company

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We also provide aircraft specific training programs for corporate flight attendants. Whether it is refresher courses or new crew training, we are confident of elevating the standards of your crew through tailor made courses to meet client expectations.These can be classroom based at a suitable venue of your choice or carried out on your aircraft.



Image is a critical component of private and corporate flying   

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VIP FA Recruit can assist in ensuring your crew look stylish and professional with a wide range of specifically designed uniforms and corporate clothing and accessories geared towards the VIP aviation sector and clients’ preferences.





We would relish the challenge to prove our value to your operation and should you wish further details or you can identify an opportunity for us to offer our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


If you need staff or if you want to register as a jobseeker click the relevant link below




VIP FA Recruit

VIP FA Recruit specialises in The Placement of Freelance & Permanent Corporate
Flight Attendants, Pilots, Engineers & other Aviation personnel worldwide.
Our Unique On-board Training sets us apart from our competitors!

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