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Is this your CV??

You state in your CV:
"English: Excellent working knowledge"
Then you write:
“Dear , with all my respect please how can i join vip cabin crew , I'm passion by aviation ambitious, team work Looking for Luxury job , kind regards”


Your CV is your ticket to the game!! It is often the first impression a potential employer has of you. How does your CV stack up against the opposition – the numerous other applicants applying for the job you want?

You are not going to make the interview list if your CV is badly structured, full of spelling and grammatical errors, and fails to get across who you are and why you should be considered for the position you so badly want.
At VIP FA Recruit, we can ensure your CV gets noticed for all the right reasons.

As a recruitment company we know what our clients are looking for and how they select candidates. Do you want to finish up on the reject pile or at least get into the potential pile based on that first impression created by a professionally prepared CV?

If you are serious about the image you portray click on the link below to get the CV you need and deserve.

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VIP FA Recruit specialises in The Placement of Freelance & Permanent Corporate
Flight Attendants,Pilots, Engineers & other Aviation personnel worldwide.
Our Unique On-board Training sets us apart from our competitors!

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