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So you have got to the interviewing stage after applying for a new position with a company you really want to join. The job interview is your chance to shine – or fail miserably. How you interview is often the defining moment in your quest to be selected. How you present yourself, communicate and impress the interviewer is not down to chance.

At VIP FA Recruit we can prepare you to come across positively and professionally at your hard earned interview. You’ve got this far – now don’t blow it!! We can coach you on how to best present yourself, your skills and experience to best impress the interviewer and give you a fair chance to be selected.
There are never any guarantees in life, but at least you can go into the interview with confidence and ready to put yourself into the frame.

Our 45 minute Skype-based coaching session explores the best way for your personality, skills, experience and ambitions to be presented with confidence and prepare for the questions you may be asked in the interview.

Interview coaching

VIP FA Recruit specialises in The Placement of Freelance & Permanent Corporate
Flight Attendants,Pilots, Engineers & other Aviation personnel worldwide.
Our Unique On-board Training sets us apart from our competitors!

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