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      So you want to get into Corporate Flying?

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The transition from commercial to corporate flight attendant is a major challenge. There are significant and critical differences between the two roles.

At VIP FA Recruit, we know what these differences are and how to best prepare those commercial FA’s who want to advance into this challenging sector of flying.

Our 2 day “Corporate Flight Attendant Service Course” identifies the differences and provides the training on the new skills required to make a smooth transition from commercial into the demanding world of corporate flight attendant.

Our trainers are eminently experienced and knowledgeable, presenting with flair and passion whilst utilising group participation and mini workshops to maintain interest and a high pace.

If you are looking to advance into corporate flying, this is a must do course for you. 

Ready for the challenge? 

Click the below link for more details and registration for our next training course.




FA Service course




VIP FA Recruit specialises in The Placement of Freelance & Permanent Corporate
Flight Attendants,Pilots, Engineers & other Aviation personnel worldwide.
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